QUADMARTS is an International Research Networks (IRN) organized between French and foreign partners, funded by the CNRS and all Member Partners. The main purpose is to organize joint seminars, workshops and mobilities between partners.

QUADMARTS is dedicated to new methods and applications for product determination in elementary reactions and photodissociation processes with applications at low and high temperatures for astrochemistry, atmospheric chemistry and combustion. In the last years, experimental devices as well as theoretical tools have been developed to quantitatively address the issue of product branching ratios under a large variety of physical conditions in the different scientific communities cited above. From an experimental point of view, quantitative information can be obtained by several approaches, including photoionization or electron spectroscopy combined with mass spectrometry, optical spectroscopy and microwave spectroscopy.

In essence, the aim of this multidisciplinary network is to gather together research groups from various scientific fields to exchange their complementary knowledge and approaches in order to push forward the limits of detection of molecular and radical trace species in the gas phase.